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The extinguishing concentration of Noah5112 clean extinguishing agent is much lower than NOAEL value, and has extremely low toxicity and thus high safety. The extinguishing agent is registered in USE.P.A.T.S.C.A. 

Concentrations & Safety Margins Comparison Between Noah5112
 Item Noah5112 Halon1301 HFC-227ea CO2
Use Concentrations (%) 4.5-5.8 5 7.5-8.7 30-75
NOAEL (%) 10 5 9 5
Safety Margins (%) 72-122 0 5.9-20 Lethal
Note: the NOAEL: invisible harm concentration,Safety Margins=
Results of toxicity test of Noah5112
Test item Test result
4-hour acute inhalation Almost no toxicity (LC50100000ppm)
Carcinogenicity No carcinogenicity
Acute oral Low (LD505000mg/kg)
Acute dermal Low (LD502000mg/kg)
Irritation to eyes No irritation
Irritation to skin No irritation
Allergy to skin Non-skin sensitizer  
Chromosome aberration Negative
From the above it is clear that Noah5112 extinguishing agent ensures the extinguishing efficiency, meets the requirements on use safety, is almost harmless to human body, and is much suitable for extinguishing and protection of the person-residing place.

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