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Fluorine chemical: Innovation can complete transformation
On June 16th and 17th, 2016, the new technology and application exchange meeting of the fluorine chemical industry and the 4th China fuxin (Shanghai) fluorine chemical industry development peak BBS were held in Shanghai. China's chemical industry news reporter learned from the meeting that China's fluorine chemical industry is coming out of a new path that relies on innovation and "spot fluorine gold".
Academician of Chinese academy of sciences, director of Shanghai institute of organic chemistry, Chinese academy of sciences Ding Kuiling said at the meeting, the fluorine chemical industry is our country characteristic resource advantage of industry, the industry level already have high status in the world. Fluorine chemical products are not only used in high-end equipment manufacturing, new energy, electronic information and other strategic emerging industries, but also play an important role in upgrading traditional industries. In the national innovation strategy, driven by combination of advantages of fluorine chemical basic research in our country, to carry out the conversion of scientific research achievements into productivity, innovation, development and production of high-end products, is the realistic choice to realize industry upgrading and win-win cooperation.
Said zhang, deputy secretary-general of China association of fluorine and silicone material industry, the fluorine chemical industry is in the industry adjustment, but those with advanced technology and advanced product of fluorine chemical industry enterprises, especially multinational companies, life is still very good. The gap is the development space, in the long term, China's fluorine chemical industry prospect is very broad.
However, zhang stressed that the fluorine chemical targeting gap accelerates industrial upgrading, and must insist on technical innovation as the center. We should strengthen research and development of key technologies and equipment, increase the proportion of high value-added and high-technology high-end fluorine chemical products, and strengthen research and development in the field of application. We will encourage the integration of industry-university-research and research, and give play to the leading and supporting role of technological innovation in upgrading and upgrading the industrial structure, and sticking to high-end development. Play industry alliance in solve the common problems of the role of industry development, product upgrading, around equipment localization, energy conservation and emissions reduction, recycling economy, two fusion such as increasing the financial input in technological upgrading, improve the level of technology and equipment, to promote transformation and upgrading of fluorine chemical industry.
Lin xiaogang, deputy director of the liaoning provincial economic and social commission, analyzed the path of innovation and development of the fluorine chemical industry in liaoning province. He pointed out that innovation needs to be driven by technological innovation, pattern innovation and management innovation. Scientific and technological innovation can rely on the scientific research institutes, the research and development of public service platform and innovative enterprises, etc. Model innovation needs to make full use of the great platform of liaoning fine chemical industry alliance, and actively obtain various support; To manage innovation, we need to look around the world, to attract investment, to undertake industrial transfer, and to bring in a batch of fluoro chemical enterprises with international influence in fuxin development.
Shanghai organic institute of Chinese academy of sciences is the "national team" of fluorine chemical technology innovation. It is understood that the institute comprehensive enterprises in liaoning fuxin fluorine industry park, opened up a new model of "hospital cooperation", applied talents, platform, combined with the project of trinity, development ideas in personnel training, technology research and development, the achievements of fuxin fluorine chemical industry innovation and development to provide comprehensive support.
This BBS is co-sponsored by the China fluorosilicone organic materials industry association and the Shanghai organic institute of the Chinese academy of sciences and the government of fuxin city, liaoning province.

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