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Noah5112 Fire Protection Fluid For Marine Applications
Noah5112 Fire Protection Fluid is an advanced, “next-generation” halon and CO2 replacement, offering a number of important advantages over other clean agents and CO2 in marine applications.
Its low acute toxicity, combined with high extinguishing efficiency, gives Noah5112 fluid the widest margin of safety among all other chemical clean agents and CO2 – even at relatively high extinguishing concentrations. This makes Noah5112 fluid ideal for occupied spaces, including engine and pump rooms, paint lockers and communication and control centers where personnel may be exposed to the agent upon system discharge
Noah5112 fluid vaporizes rapidly during discharge, and it is non-corrosive and non-conductive, so it will not harm delicate electronics, radar, navigation and other equipment. And, unlike foams and powders, it leaves no residue to clean up, which means that operations can continue without interruption.
From its initial development, Noah112 Fire Protection Fluid was designed to address the global demand for a halon or CO2 replacement that is safe, effective and not subject to current or anticipated regulatory restrictions, nor scheduled or targeted for future phaseout. With zero ozone depletion potential, short atmospheric lifetime and a global warming potential of 1, Noah5112 fluid has proven to be the first chemical halon replacement to offer a viable, long-term, sustainable solution for marine fire protection.
Noah5112 Fire Protection Fluid Environmental Properties
  Noah5112 HFC-227ea HFC-23
ODP 0 0 0
GWP 1 3800 14800
Atmospheric Lifetime(years) 0.014 (5 days) 36.5 270
The Widest Margin of Safety
Because Noah5112 Fire Protection Fluid offers a much wider margin of safety than other halocarbon agents, its effective use concentration will not exceed safety limits in marine applications.
Noah5112 Fire Protection Fluid Safety Margin-Class B Hazards
Agent Noah5112 HFC-227ea Inert gas CO2
Use Concentration 4.5-5.8% 7.5-8.7% 34.2-40.6% 30-75%
NOAEL 10% 9% 43% <5%
Safety Margin 72-122% 5.9-20% 6-26% Lethal at design concentration

It’s important to note that the complex geometry of engine rooms, communications centers and other shipboard locations makes it difficult to calculate their net volume accurately; such calculations are used to determine an effective (but safe) agent design concentration.
If a significant portion of a room is filled with piping, conduits, machinery and other obstructions, agent concentration could quickly exceed its NOAEL (No Observable Adverse Effects Level), if the system was designed for the volume of room when it is empty.
With Noah5112 fluid, you get the stopping power you need to extinguish fires in obstructed spaces—without putting people at risk.
Simplified storage and handling
Noah5112 Fire Protection Fluid is an excellent choice for engine and equipment rooms, and other normally-occupied areas of pleasure craft and high-speed craft.
Because it is a liquid at room temperature, and stored at low vapor pressure, agent handling and charging of systems using Noah5112 Fire Protection Fluid fluid is greatly simplified, and can be accomplished without moving the cylinders offsite. This can be an especially important consideration for servicing offshore facilities – saving you time, and ensuring uninterrupted protection of your assets. The liquid state of Noah5112 fluid also allows for efficient use of space, requiring about the same number of cylinders as conventional halocarbon agents. The product can be shipped safely by air in bulk quantities, without restrictions.

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