Application field
For Oil and Gas
For Oil and Gas Applications
Noah5112 Fire Protection Fluid is an advanced, “next generation” clean agent halon and CO2 replacement, suitable for use in a wide range of offshore and land-based oil and gas operations to protect occupied spaces and critical equipment.
Based on a patented chemistry from Noah5112 fluid offers a number of important advantages over conventional clean agents such as HFCs and CO2. Its low acute toxicity, combined with high extinguishing efficiency, gives Noah5112 fluid the widest margin of safety among all other chemical clean agents and CO2 – even at relatively high extinguishing concentrations. This makes Noah5112 fluid ideal for occupied spaces, where personnel may be exposed to the agent upon system discharge.
Noah5112 Fire Protection Fluid The right choice for offshore, marine and land-based special hazards fire protection
• Zero Ozone Depletion Potential                         
• Global Warming Potential of 1                              
• Large margin of safety vs. other chemical extinguishing agents and CO2
• Fast extinguishment
• Saves space and weight
• No restrictions on shipping by air, sea or truck
 • Local refill possible
Created for life
Perhaps most important, Noah5112 Fire Protection Fluid helps address the global demand for a halon replacement that has a wide margin of safety, is effective and is not targeted for emission reduction, phase-out or phase-down. Noah5112 fluid has zero ozone depletion potential, a short atmospheric lifetime of 5 days and a global warming potential of 1 – about the same as naturally-occurring carbon dioxide, making it exempt from restrictions on greenhouse gases. It is the first halocarbon halon replacement to offer a viable, long-term sustainable technology for special hazards fire protection in the oil and gas industry
Fast, effective fire protection for electronics, navigation systems and other valuable assets
In addition to its favorable safety and environmental profiles, Noah5112 Fire Protection Fluid is a highly-effective fire extinguishant, designed to knock down fires quickly, before they have a chance to disrupt production or spread to Class B hazards, such as gasoline, oil and oil-based paints. This unique combination of properties has caused Noah5112 fluid to gain increased acceptance in offshore drilling, production, storage and transportation vessels – both for new builds and refurbishments. It is an ideal choice for many “special hazards” applications where personal safety and maintaining continuity of operations are of vital concern, including:
• Engine rooms • Generator rooms • SCR – electrical control rooms • Inventory rooms • Paint rooms • Gas compressor rooms • Propulsion systems & thrusters in pontoons • Pilot houses • All diving systems rooms • Pump rooms • Workshops and storage areas
Simplified storage and handling
Because it is a liquid at room temperature, and stored at low vapor pressure, agent handling and charging of systems using Noah5112 Fire Protection Fluid fluid is greatly simplified, and can be accomplished without moving the cylinders offsite. This can be an especially important consideration for servicing offshore facilities – saving you time, and ensuring uninterrupted protection of your assets. The liquid state of Noah5112 fluid also allows for efficient use of space, requiring about the same number of cylinders as conventional halocarbon agents. The product can be shipped safely by air in bulk quantities, without restrictions.
Regulatory Status
Noah5112 fluid is approved for use in commercial and industrial total flooding systems by the U.S. EPA and most major regulatory bodies around the world. The product complies with chemical notification requirements in the following regions:
• United States • Europe • Canada • Korea • Australia • Japan • China

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