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Today’s sustainable clean agent solution
Noah5112 Fire Protection Fluid is an advanced “clean agent” fire suppression material, used to protect high-value assets such as rare books, documents, artwork, museum artifacts, display cases, records, computers and other delicate electronics. Noah5112 fluid is designed to alleviate concerns for human safety, asset preservation, extinguishing performance and the environment-with key properties that have re-defilled “sustainabllity” in clean agent fire protection:

Zero Ozone Depletion Potential 
Global Warming Potential of 1   
Five-day atmospheric lifetime
Safe for human occupancy

As a clean agent , Noah5112 fluid offers a number of important advantages for protecting high value assets. By definition , clean agents do not leave a residue behind when they discharge, and typically are electrically non-conductive, so they won’t damage delicate objects or affect the operation of sensitive electronics.
Water sprinklers and water mist systems are effectives for extinguishing structural fires, but water can be as destructive to fragile, irreplaceable artifacts as fire itself. Dry chemical extinguishing systems avoid these problems, but leave powdery residues that are difficult to clean up , and can damage or destroy delicate equipment, hard drives and electronic media.
With zero ozone depletion potential, extremely low global warming potential and short atmospheric lifetime, Noah5112 is the first chemical halon replacement to offer a viable, long-term, sustainable technology for special hazards fire protection.
Noah5112 Fire Protection Fluid Environmental Properties
  Noah5112 HFC-227ea HFC-23
ODP 0 0 0
GWP 1 3800 14800
Atmospheric Lifetime(Years) 0.014 (5 days) 36.5 270
Because its use concentration is much lower than its NOAEL, NY5112 fluid offers the largest margin of safety of any chemical halon replacement available on the market today.
 NY5112 Fire Protection Fluid Safety Margin-Class B Hazards
Agent Noah5112 HFC-227ea Inert gas CO2
Use Concentration 4.5-5.8% 7.5-8.7% 34.2-40.6% 30-75%
NOAEL 10% 9% 43% <5%
Safety Margin 72-122% 5.9-20% 6-26% Lethal at design concentration

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