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Noah5112 Fire Protection Fluid for Flightline Applications
Designed to replace halons, Halotron® and dry chemicals – without compromising performance
Noah5112 Fire Protection Fluid is a highly-effective clean extinguishing agent, designed to replace non-sustainable halons, HFCs and HCFCs. With zero ozonedepletion potential, a global warming potential of less than one and a short atmospheric lifetime, Noah5112 fluid has an environmental profile that does not compromise its future availability. Designed to not damage aircraft, Noah5112 fluid is non-corrosive, nonconductive and evaporates cleanly without leaving a residue – helping keep aircraft operational and returning them back to service faster. This means Noah5112 fluid is also an ideal alternative to dry chemicals such as potassium bicarbonate, Purple K. easy transport and storage
Unlike other clean extinguishing agents, Noah5112 fluid is a liquid with a low vapor pressure at room temperature, which optimizes agent delivery to the seat of the fire, even in difficult conditions. Additionally, due to its liquid nature Noah5112 fluid is not regulated for transportation and can even be shipped by air.

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