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A New Milestone--The official opening of company's new R&D building
Time: 2021-07-09 13:49:14
After years of development, Noah is gradually becoming a company with much greater strength and its group is also becoming bigger and bigger. On April 25, 2021, the company ushered in another milestone in its development history-the new R&D building was officially opened. Located in No.6 Weijiu Road, Shangyu Economic and technology development Zone, Hangzhou Bay, Shangyu District, Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province, this new R&D building has integrated R&D center, inspection center and working offices.

The new R&D building has four floors, and the overall design style is simple and atmospheric, fully demonstrating the inclusive and forward-looking cultural heritage. The building integrates R&D center, quality inspection center, enterprise exhibition hall, DCS centralized control room and other facilities. In the building, the research and development center mainly covers an area of more than 1,850 square meters, and it is constituted with R&D laboratories such as catalytic synthesis laboratory, electrochemical laboratory, polymer synthesis laboratory etc and Analytical laboratories such as quality inspection and analysis rooms, chemical analysis rooms etc., which can better carry out research and development work. The new building has been greatly improved both in terms of hardware facilities and software environment.

New environment, new starting point, and new journey, the opening of the new R&D building is the expectation of all employees of the company. It plays an important role in improving office conditions, enhancing employee happiness, and enhancing corporate cohesion. It indicates that the company will enter a new stage of development. All Noah people will take the opening of the R&D building as an opportunity to present a new image and create a new situation with firm belief, full passion, and solid work style.
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